Last risky/unsafe websites detected

WebsiteLast updated
acteam2nmbucjnht.onion 4 hours ago 5 hours ago
vnjzhvm5gkctyldn.onion 5 hours ago
drkseidwayn6uc5x.onion 5 hours ago
netauth3qialu2ha.onion 5 hours ago 6 hours ago 6 hours ago
moneyplheq37vfyk.onion 6 hours ago 6 hours ago
creditvocefmyjhg.onion 7 hours ago
wet4o7ali46htxkm.onion 7 hours ago
money2mxtcfcauot.onion 8 hours ago
iqlnc7cbykhhurfo.onion 8 hours ago
pagtel 9 hours ago
ccguruetr5jwye5g.onion 9 hours ago
Risky/unsafe websites detected so far: 487
 Offline websites detected so far: 80
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